Persdag najaar 2013 Hema

Aankleden van de presentatie voor de pers van de Hema artikelen voor het najaar van 2013


patchwork kelim voor Kennisland

Hema schooltour

Samen met stylist Jerry de Winter de inrichting verzorgd voor de Hema schooltour in een vrachtwagen die het hele land doorkruist.

Strijk je rijk


Was ze even totaal vergeten. 5 strijkplanken als onderdeel van de expositie Knust van Puik Werk in de Wilhelmina winkel in Amsterdam. Mooi geheel


For the project “Is This Seat Taken?” a group of international artists
were asked to use the award-winning Australian Zaishu seat/table as a
canvas. One of the designs by Lasmariekas was sold and shipped back
‘Down Under.’ Here are some photos taken by the proud new owner.


I painted these monsters on a bakfiets (‘transport bike’). They are
for two fast-moving kids, Fern and Rocky, so they are blowing in the

family portraits



These are images from Spoiled, a fashion store formerly located
on Amsterdam’s upscale Leidsestraat that also featured affordable art
and collectors’ items. I painted several murals there. One is visible
on the exterior: the two puppets between the windows are a Lasmariekas
design. The girl on the toilet behind the counter is a design by
Ed-art that I realized.


Restaurant Radijs is a pleasant spot you might stumble upon in the
Admiralenbuurt (Admiralenbuurt, a neighborhood in West Amsterdam).
It’s a great place for a meal, or also just a coffee or beer. I had
the honor to paint their wall logo, following a design by La Farme.